If you are reading this, it is likely that the subject of financial trading is of interest for you. For the uninitiated, financial trading has always appeared to be a very attractive way to earn a living – what some have described as the perfect business! After all, you only need an internet connection. No employees, no licenses, no merchandise, and no store required. This is why thousands of people join the ranks of financial traders every day under the illusion that all they have to do is open a trading account, buy low and sell high, and very soon make enough to quit their day jobs.

This approach to trading produces a rather predictable result. Statistically speaking, 95% of financial traders lose their money – usually all of it! Apart from the brokers (who always make money in the markets) only 5% of participants are successful. This site is dedicated to making sure you’re one of them.

So why do 95% of novice traders lose money? Answer: for the same reason that 95% of novice doctors would lose their patients (quite literally) if they had received no formal training. You can’t become a successful doctor, lawyer, architect or other ‘professional’ without a great deal of study, training and – most important of all – practice. Is it any wonder that these professionals are said to ‘practice’ their professions?

Unfortunately, for beginning traders there is no such formal education. You are left with the uneasy task of learning the ropes completely on your own. Here I present the information that I have collected piece by piece over the course of my career while trading the markets, which will allow you to shorten your journey from a beginner to a professional. While you could learn from your own mistakes, you will find it easier and less costly to learn or from the mistakes of others.

If you traded for long enough, you might eventually arrive at the same quintessential principles of trading that I have included in the theory section of this web site. But, more likely, you would exit the world of financial trading out of sheer frustration before ever reaching the point of enlightenment. I truly hope you will find the information presented here to be quite useful.

Good luck and Godspeed!